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About the Journal

About the Journal

Изначально, creating the first issue of our avtozhurnala, we could not clearly present, nor his audience, no specific subjects. But with the passage of time, in a relatively short period, кстати, Identify all. And today avtozhurnal "end point" – is a popular and interesting online edition, designed for those, who has anything to do with the world of cars.

Конечно же, most of our audience are motorists and motorists. Men. Though, to the honor of the fair sex, the female part of our readers is growing, and we gladly accept them into our slender ranks.

Так же, in the magazine a lot of new and interesting for yourself find those, who is engaged in the sale and repair of vehicles. Ну, and now specifically and substantially.

Subject and policy magazine "end point"

Понятно, that the subject matter of our publication - cars. Cars new and old, large and compact, powerful and not very, expensive and low cost - any.

If you joined us just, and want to learn, and that it was in previous issues, will help our archive. And you can be sure - in every room of our online car magazine you can find interesting auto news, Reviews Recent automotive, useful articles and tips to motorists. Read, inquiry, learn, and staff of the magazine "end point" will make every effort to ensure, to each new issue of the magazine was for you useful and interesting.

Magazine Sections

Section "What's New car industry". Name section only talked about sebya. If you want to buy a car, and prefer everything new - recommend that you carefully examine all the articles in this section. New Releases Russian car industry, global automotive industry trends, в том числе, and expected trends automotive - all collected here.

In choosing a new car and help section "Beauty and the exhibition". New Zhenevskoho Motor Show, premieres of new models from manufacturers - where, not here to choose the newest, the most fashionable, the most perfect cars?

But the novelty is good, and practice important. Therefore help motorists may have created "Test Drive and Reviews». Complete and comprehensive information about the right car, with all its pros and cons, Crash Tests, and so on, and so on.

'News'. Latest news automotive industry, news of the Russian and foreign automotive, news about all, as for cars - changes in fuel prices, automotive trends, plans for the future of the automotive companies, Car forecasts, analytics - all this you will find in this section.

And for those, who are interested in car repair, created a section "Repair and Maintenance". Car Maintenance, painting, interior cleaning, repair car units - with this section every motorist can become a master.

"Good to know". If you are looking for useful tips motorist, this section - that, что вам нужно. Section: "Good to know" – real storehouse of relevant advice, you are sure to come in handy. Take the time to explore.

"Tuning". Interesting examples of different models of car tuning, original solutions, as from individual enthusiasts, and manufacturers certainly you like. And, возможно, help formulate the idea of ​​tuning your car.

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Sincerely, Your “Terminal”.

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