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Eliminate excess fuel your car

14 Sea 2013 | Author: | Comments 5 »

Устраняем перерасход топлива своего автомобиляAlmost every car driver complains of too much fuel his "iron horse". A large consumption of gasoline car, affects its technical condition. Not least is the driving style of many drivers and state motor vehicle.

"Running" the engine should be at least five thousand kilometers. The first two-three thousand recommended most gentle mode and travel at speeds up to one hundred kilometers per hour, no engine acceleration over 2000 speed.

Exploiting longer new car, you should think about your driving style. It operates one important and simple rule: the faster you'll be giving your car acceleration, the more you will pay for spent fuel is.

When starting a cold engine does not need to press on the gas and the subsequent movement to try to disperse it faster, leaping mark two thousand revolutions. During this period, the consumption of gasoline will be the maximum.

Owners of cars with manual transmissions should remember, that at untimely gear changes fuel will be consumed in large quantities. Moving at low speed and overdrive, engine will consume much more energy, than normal. To achieve the most efficient fuel consumption, engine speed must be maintained between 3500 до 4500.

There is a misconception, that being in a traffic jam, Fuel savings can be achieved, by isolating the engine. Однако, to restart the engine will need exactly the same amount of gasoline, as if the car stood in traffic with the engine running for ten minutes.

Save on gasoline can be pumped up the tires and increasing the pressure on them 0,2-0,5 atmospheres.

Should not often use the car roof rack. This will degrade the aerodynamic performance, and gasoline consumption may increase because of this up to twenty percent.

Using these simple tips and choose the best option, hope, that drivers will be able to overcome the problem and solve the problem of excessive fuel consumption car.

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  1. When I became a daily monitor tire pressure and inflate time, I noticed, that fuel consumption has decreased. Возможно, not much, But other performance car from improved.

  2. Interesting and useful tips for motorists. Many times the notice, that much consumption and not know, what to do. And so constantly try to drive more economically, but the engine eats a lot of fuel.

  3. Good tips, fit.
    Still, if you noticed overruns, you should contact the service. Adjusting ignition will give a far greater effect than any rituals.

  4. Movement at low speed overdrive course leads to significant cost overruns fuel. Therefore, from the first day self-drive is necessary to develop skills at the time to shift gears.

  5. Agree, excess fuel that the vehicle is greatly influenced by the condition of tires and pressure in them right. But we should not increase the pressure more, than that indicated in the technical documentation. This leads to increased wear on the tread center.

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